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When you’re not good enough

Sometimes, there is this sudden realization, a sudden bolt of lightening that hits you. A moment in time, when you realize that whatever you do, will never be good enough. Never. Ever. There will be certain things that your family expects you to do and you fail them; things that your friends want you to […]

Hate Sonia Gandhi and you might just get arrested

So a guy named Rahul Vaid from Gurgaon published some “obscene” messages about Sonia Gandhi because of the fact that he hated her. Purely personal, right? WRONG. The guy is locked up in Pune Jail and could face a fine of upto 1 lakh rupees or five years in prison. You heard it right people. […]

Oh take me back to the start…

Somebody… anybody… you… Tweet

Instant liking

It’s been long since I heard a song and instantly liked it. Well no more… Suddenly, there arrives a song, who with its brilliant musical arrangement and lyrics caught my mind like never before. The song is waste by Seether. I find myself listening to it all day… and as stated in the previous post, […]

Me likes sadness

Its a little peculiar and I’ve only recently noticed this – I enjoy sadness. I like getting depressed. I like to have that pain shoot up inside of me. I like the feeling when my head gets so heavy that tears just trickle out of my eyes. I don’t know what to make of this […]

A new day, a new year…

People are outside… partying… somehow this New Year scares me… Anyways, Happy New Year… hopefully. Tweet

It’s never too late…

I flunked in three exams in the first sem. I cleared all of them. Only one remains which is a mass repeat. Will hopefully clear that exam as well. A lesson that I learnt was that it’s never to late to correct what went wrong. Better than crying and committing suicide. Currently listening to : […]

Hooligans in power

Shiv Sainiks are a bunch of hooligans. I don’t wanna even waste more of my precious words on them. If you’re reading this, come kill me!! Google News : Stories relating to Shiv Sena. Nothing but uncivilized behaviour. Tweet


So I took Niharika’s advice !! Can’t say it was great but it wasn’t bad either!!! Cheers!! Tweet

Jo hota hai woh kyun hota hai?!

Ummm… I guess something is wrong with me. I say something, people hear something else. Causing too many misunderstandings. No one’s ready to listen to my side of the story. They just get angry. Better go kill myself. Tweet