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मैं नशे में हूँ…

Nothing describes the day better than these few lines: ठुकराओ या अब के प्यार करो मैं नशे में हूँ जो चाहो मेरे यार करो मैं नशे में हूँ… February 23, 2013 – September 27, 2013. Tweet

The Night

You know those times, when no matter how hard you try, no matter what substance you may use, the thought that’s stuck in your head doesn’t disappear? It feeds on the attention that you give it and grows like a disease within your system. With Kings of Leon speaking to me of Revelry, I put […]


… didn’t cry then. I don’t cry now. But sometimes, even now, it still hurts like hell. And there’s no one to really understand you in your moment of weakness. It’s comforting to be lost in your own thoughts, experiencing the same set of emotions… again and again and again, all by yourself. But it […]

Another year older…

Yet another year just whizzed past me. A lot has changed – for the better and I don’t regret a moment, a decision or any experience. Getting ‘gangraped’, with a dozen guys stripping me, throwing all sorts of concoctions on my body mixed with cold water in this December chill, was never my idea of […]


… from thoughts that keep dragging me back into the past. … from tangible things that remind of things that I try to avoid. … from You. The pin stuck inside my eye still hurts. Always will. Peace. Tweet

तेरे ख़त

तेरी ख़ुशबू में बसे ख़त मै जलाता कैसे… प्यार में ड़ूबे हुए ख़त मै जलाता कैसे… तेरे हाथों के लिखे ख़त मै जलाता कैसे… पर तेरे ख़त आज मैने जला दिए… आग लगा दिए… Tweet


You should’ve said this a long long time ago… Tweet

As the days pass

I feel more and more disconnected from this world. One day, I’m going to renounce everything and go live in the jungles. Tweet

Life keeps teaching us lessons

I shall never forget that night. Never shall I forget what you taught me without even trying to teach me anything. I felt like I knew it all but got all nervous when it hit me. Life knows how to give you reality checks. Untaught Lessons. Tweet

Others’ things on my mind

It’s 12.30 AM. I’m in bed and not in a particularly good mood. I sit here, whiling away time and my mind wanders off somewhere. I do not daydream. I do not try to simply pass my time. I question. I question what happens to people. I question their fate. I rarely find myself thinking […]