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You’re not alone…

I know there’s nothing much, actually nothing that I can do to take away your grief and provide you with any sort of comfort. This is just to let you know that I’m here. We’re all here for you. Anytime. You’re not alone. Your loss is irreplaceable. God WILL give you strength to get through […]

India crowned champions of the world!

…and every Indian is celebrating as if they won a lottery. So India finally did it!! Against all odds, India finally managed to win the Twenty20 World Cup. Yes, a World Cup… that’s quite an achievement for our team. Sreesanth probably took the most memorable catch of his life. Harbhajan bowled one of the worst […]

This is what good food looks like!

Yummy! Tweet

Hi, I’m a fake!

This is what I hear these days when I talk to my peers. Now you must be thinking how in the world is that possible? Does my ear decode the audio frequencies in some different way? No! Don’t you get it, its just the accent. I still haven’t been able to find out from where […]


Stupid but still needed. Some people have been jumping around claiming that I have a girlfriend. I DON’T!! I like a girl, I meet her at times but that doesn’t mean she’s my girlfriend!! What lame brains people have!! Stop spreading rumours… she’s a very very very good friend… a real close pal. And she […]

Happy ‘ Play Basketball Day ’

Just got an e-card from Sharma… Happy ‘ Play Basketball Day ‘ Jst take a moment & remembr the lovely days when v used 2 play basketball 2gethr…. It was so much fun……….. Ankit Rightly said dude… same to you! The funny things, the title bar says “A Greeting card for Rahul from Ankit” while […]

D(h)oom-ed 2

And I thought Shadi Se Pehle and Zindagi Rocks were stupid movies…!! This flick, Dhoom 2, is one shitty flick. I’m so exhausted after watching this that I can’t even think what to write about it. Fake stunts, fake characters, super fake story… I mean, what were they thinking when they made this movie?! The […]

Abhit apologizes…

I was in demand yesterday!! Khanna messaged me and told me that he wanted to see me as soon as I got down from my college bus. A little later, Abhit messaged me and told me that he was coming over to my place, around the same Khanna wanted to see me, as he wanted […]

Enchanté 2006

Here are some pictures I clicked before and after the feté… Tweet

A Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words

I had my last sessional today. I’m gonna pass it. So, we took the bus from our college to Sector 35. Yuganshu (Honey), Sunnel and I, we went to Oven Fresh. We had our breakfast there. Now we decided to walk towards the Bus Stand (sector 17). We were near the Radio Station roundabout, when […]