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Why I will stay away from like the plague!

My review of a T-shirt ordered from In my opinion, they sell low quality, export rejects to their customers. I’d rather walk around naked than wear a Myntra T-shirt again.

Permanently delete your Facebook account

Yesterday, I set out to do something which I had thought would be particularly easy. When Facebook had not opened up to the world, I had tried to register with them. Now, I do not remember how that attempt went but recently I started getting loads of emails from Facebook on the email address I […]

Using Indian languages on the Internet

This post is a follow-up to my previous post titled How to blog in your mother tongue. Since that time, a number of advancements have been made in this field. Typing in your own mother tongue has become even easier. Literally hundreds of tools are now available on the Internet that enable us to communicate […]

Good sense prevails, Facebook reverts to earlier ToS

I was seriously thinking of doing away with my Facebook account after I read about the latest update to the Terms of Service on Facebook. Facebook claimed ownership of my data, even if I deleted my account. Logged in just now to see this message : Facebook reverts back to earlier ToS Its good Mark […]

Facebook headed for Indian shores!

Yesterday, I voiced my concern regarding the website which appeared a little suspicious to me. I contacted the folks over at Facebook and got a response from them today. Here’s what they had to say : Hi Rahul, We appreciate your concern. “” is a secure Facebook login page. Please let us know if […]

Is a scam?

I use AirTel as my ISP. Sometimes, I forget to add the domain suffix and prefix and just simply enter the name of the website. The AirTel DNS is intelligent and redirects me to the required website. But something unusual happened today. I keyed in “facebook” in the address bar of my Opera browser and hit […]

Google Maps fun!

So, during my exams, when I really didn’t want to study, I hopped on over to wikimapia. I located my house and my college. The images are pretty dated. I guess the next update would set things straight because lots of things are currently missing. My house My College Kinda freaks me out you know. […]

Facebook’s news feed is inaccurate!

A couple of days ago (May 22nd to be precise), I logged into my facebook account. As I was going through the News Feed on the home page, I noticed this : Look carefully at the news in the red box. It tells me that a guy named Vishal Kharbanda has accepted my invitation to […]

Finally! Symbian v9.2 hacked!

Symbian v9.2 platform hacked!!

Instant liking

It’s been long since I heard a song and instantly liked it. Well no more… Suddenly, there arrives a song, who with its brilliant musical arrangement and lyrics caught my mind like never before. The song is waste by Seether. I find myself listening to it all day… and as stated in the previous post, […]