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SPACE, reloaded!

What happened today deserves a special mention on the blog. a senior’s birthday followed the usual chaos routine with him getting bashed and the hostel reverberating with noise. A classmate, with her room on the lowest girls’ floor updated her Facebook status complaining about the same. What followed was mayhem – 1043 comments by a […]


10 odd days. In these last 10 days, I’ve seen people back stabbing their best friends; I’ve seen 30-something olds trying to divide people; I’ve seen people close to me go around bad mouthing me behind my back; I’ve seen hypocrisy; I’ve seen shameless personal ambitions cloud a person’s thought process – I saw a […]

Lost in Translation

Couldn’t really think of another title so entered something vague. It’s now been 10 days since I set foot in this hostel. A new place, a new life and a new environment. In these ten days, I’ve done things I never imagined I would – cleaned toilets, did my laundry etc. From the time I […]