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The Reason Why I’m Angry with Metallica

Just scanned through the comments on my last post. I’m just glad that there are so many like me who feel such shit shouldn’t be taken lying down. It has generated enough discussion on the post itself plus various posts on other blogs. I don’t really want to defend my writing or my emotions. But […]

The Day That Should’ve Never Come

Dear DNA Networks, Metallica Band Members and the Crew, As I lie in bed and watch NDTV newsanchors blame the “rowdy” Gurgaon crowd for “vandalising” the Metallica concert stage and creating “chaos”, I’m only filled with more anger. I strongly feel that what you got tonight, is less when compared to what you actually deserved. […]

Ajj Din Chadheya

I love this song. Period. Tweet

Amit Tandon and his trashy tunes

I hate this guy. I simply hate him. The way he talks, his voice, his style, his accent… he manages to show the world that he is a thorough wannabe. If I remember correctly, the very first time Amit Tandon came in front of the camera was for the reality show Coke [V] Popstars, which […]

Instant liking

It’s been long since I heard a song and instantly liked it. Well no more… Suddenly, there arrives a song, who with its brilliant musical arrangement and lyrics caught my mind like never before. The song is waste by Seether. I find myself listening to it all day… and as stated in the previous post, […]

It’s never too late…

I flunked in three exams in the first sem. I cleared all of them. Only one remains which is a mass repeat. Will hopefully clear that exam as well. A lesson that I learnt was that it’s never to late to correct what went wrong. Better than crying and committing suicide. Currently listening to : […]

Telling someone they’re infatuated…

You’re like a dog chasing a car. You’ll never catch it and you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars Tweet

What the?!?!

Asha and Friends…!!! Asha Bhosle singing with Sanjay Dutt… and now Brett Lee!! The old woman has lost it. She has an excellent voice, no doubt bout that. But her ideas and their execution and implementation… kinda weird. May God be with her. Tweet

That’s the way life is !

Just like that, I got reminded of this song I had heard as a kid. I used to love it. It made no sense that time but I loved it. Today, I downloaded it : Pet Shop Boys – Se a vida é. Now when I listened to it, I’m in love with this track […]

Tere Bin…

The best song Atif Aslam has sung till date. I heard his version of Aadat in Kalyug and it was pathetic. But this song is just too good. I can listen to it a hundred times and even the lyrics make sense. Tweet