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जीत का श्रेय

१६ (16) मई को लोक सभा चुनाव के नतीजे घोषित किए गए थे और कांग्रेस पार्टी ने सफ़लता प्राप्त की । इस सफ़लता का सारा श्रेय श्रीमति सोनिया गाँधी के सपूत, राहुल गाँधी को दिया गया । सब तरफ इसी बात कि चर्चा थी कि कैसे राहुल ने उत्तर प्रदेश में कांग्रेस को अकेले चुनाव […]

Advani uses Google AdWords!

As I had said before, L.K. Advani is an Obama wannabe. With a past as controversial as his, he claims he can bring stability to the nation. Just saw the advertisements below on a blog in 728 x 90 and 336 x 280 formats on the Google AdWords Ad network. Clicking on the ad takes […]

Intelligent views from across the border

Ever since the Mumbai terror attacks happened, I’ve been hearing only lame excuses from anyone and everyone across the border. Constant denials, accusations that the terrorists were hindus and outrageous comments by the Pakistani media. There was not a single moment when I felt that we should not bomb their asses off the face of […]

Advani follows Obama!

This is certainly hilarious. People like L.K. Advani sure know how to make a fool out of themselves. I fail to understand that why, whatever they do is not their own decision but directly as a consequence of others’ actions? Now, L.K. Advani does not have the balls or maybe his false ego just hurts […]

Where is the love Indians?

I find it rather amusing or should I say disturbing, that the Supreme Court of India, intervened an overturned an order of a Delhi HC Tribunal and placed a ban on The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Mind you, I am no supporter of SIMI and do not condone their activities. According to the […]

Now Maharashtra govt. proves its uselessness

Here’s another article about the dimwits that are in power. My last post was about the government in the state of Uttar Pradesh but here’s some news from their worthy rivals residing in Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government is planning on turning Mumbai into New York. And how eactly do they plan on doing that? Well, […]

20 Lakh Uttar Pradesh students flunked this year!

Yes, you read right! The results of the Class 10th and 12th examinations were declared recently. Every state government is bragging about how the quality of education has improved under their rule. But why is the chief minister of Utta Pradesh, Ms. Mayawati Naina Kumari so quiet? You can usually see her on the television, […]

Hooligans in power

Shiv Sainiks are a bunch of hooligans. I don’t wanna even waste more of my precious words on them. If you’re reading this, come kill me!! Google News : Stories relating to Shiv Sena. Nothing but uncivilized behaviour. Tweet

Mahatma Gandhi and his Mystery Woman

I’m writing after a very very long time. This story is regarding our very own Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our nation. The Tribune recently published a story about Gandhi and his affair with a woman. I’ve published the article on TMP, in order to kick off things there. The article links to the newspaper’s […]

Mr. Bush… It totally backfired!

So Saddam Hussein is dead… hanged… executed. I won’t say I’m happy. OK, the guy was a fuckin’ loser, a tyrant. But the manner in which he was executed, the haste that was shown by the authorities, the date of execution and the manner in which he was executed is definitely questionable. Tweet