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Another night in Delhi

So, I’m travelling in a DTC bus at the moment. Just got the inspiration to blog again to distract myself from the super irritating kid sitting next to me. He just won’t stop blabbering and his ignorant mother keeps cheering him on. I mean, it’s good to cheer up a little kid and all but […]

It’s back, bitches!

Actually, it’s been alive and kicking since the past month. I was too lazy to post an announcement here. This time it’s here to stay. The Melting Pot is BACK!! Tweet

Oh take me back to the start…

Somebody… anybody… you… Tweet

Me likes sadness

Its a little peculiar and I’ve only recently noticed this – I enjoy sadness. I like getting depressed. I like to have that pain shoot up inside of me. I like the feeling when my head gets so heavy that tears just trickle out of my eyes. I don’t know what to make of this […]

A new day, a new year…

People are outside… partying… somehow this New Year scares me… Anyways, Happy New Year… hopefully. Tweet

India crowned champions of the world!

…and every Indian is celebrating as if they won a lottery. So India finally did it!! Against all odds, India finally managed to win the Twenty20 World Cup. Yes, a World Cup… that’s quite an achievement for our team. Sreesanth probably took the most memorable catch of his life. Harbhajan bowled one of the worst […]

It’s never too late…

I flunked in three exams in the first sem. I cleared all of them. Only one remains which is a mass repeat. Will hopefully clear that exam as well. A lesson that I learnt was that it’s never to late to correct what went wrong. Better than crying and committing suicide. Currently listening to : […]

The BL-5C terror!!

Na na… that’s not the code name for some terrorist organization. Its just a model number of a battery that comes with a number of Nokia phones – 46 million of them to be precise. And its defective. It overheats. It gets deformed. Who knows, it might even burst!! I seriously advise people to check […]

Telling someone they’re infatuated…

You’re like a dog chasing a car. You’ll never catch it and you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars Tweet


Love… Humbles you… grounds you… Tweet