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The Beginner’s Guide to eBook Purchasing and Reading in India

At the start of February 2013, my sister got me a Nook Simple Touch while returning to India from the US. I’d specifically asked for the same and not the Kindle due to the fact that it supports the .EPUB format eBooks and didn’t carry the unnecessary advertisements which some of the Kindle devices do. […]

The Nokia Lumia 800 Heartbreak

The following is a letter I sent to Nokia India post my Nokia Lumia 800 ordeal. My family has been a Nokia customer since the time of Nokia 5110. There was a time, when every single member of our household owned not one, but multiple Nokia phones. There was not an N-Series or E-Series phone […]

WordPress 2.8 Plugin Browser bug

Since WordPress 2.8 “Baker” went gold today, I decided to immediately upgrade. I took the essential backups and hit the automatic upgrade link in the WordPress Dashboard. Voila! WordPress 2.8 was up and running in an instant and seemed perfectly bug free. The reality though, was different. I decided to update some of my plugins […]

Moving a user’s files/directory in Windows 7

There was a time during the days of Windows XP, when you could simply right click on your My Documents folder, go to properties and relocate your entire documents folder. When Vista came, it brought with it a number of folders that were now associated with the user. This included Downloads, Searches, Music etc etc. […]

WordPress StatPress plugin with empty table option

I use the StatPress plugin on this blog installation to gather some basic and live statistics of the visitors to my blog. I also use the WassUp plugin to capture some similar statistics. While both plugins have their own pros and cons, there is one thing that used to bother me about the StatPress plugin. […]

Uncanny similarity between LinkedIn and logos

No. I’m not on a bashing/loving/reporting spree here. It just so happened that I was browsing both the websites side by side when I noticed the favicons on their respective tabs. Now, is it just me or the “in” part in both the logos seem kind of similar. The similar background colour, similar text […]

How I bypassed the restrictions – the story of

It was the 1st of August, 2008. I came to know about a website, “”, which had been launched by the guys at Web18 and offered free email accounts The offer seemed lucrative to me. is a very tiny domain and I wanted an email address on it, jus for the cosmetic value […]

iPhone in India on Aug 22; no subsidies

From what I saw on Zee Business, the iPhone is to be launched in India by Airtel on the 22nd of August. They also telecast a telephonic interview with some president of Airtel who confirmed that there would be no subsidy on the iPhone. That final statement alone is a deal breaker for me. 3G […]

New contender for shortest email address!!

Closely on the heals of, which is the official site for Apple’s MobileMe service, Web18, a venture of Network18 has launched was rumoured to be bought by Web18 for a sum of 2 crores, which is equal to 20 million. I happened to see the advertisement for on which is another […]

Airtel Broadband still redirecting traffic

The last time I reported, Airtel Broadband was redirecting the erroneous traffic to a partnered website (onspeedsearch) where they displayed advertisements. Just five minutes back, I noticed that erroneous traffic is now being redirected to a page hosted by OpenDNS. Now, I have no clue if Airtel has in some way partnered with OpenDNS to […]