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ShahRukh Khan gets humbled

So the almighty ShahRukh Khan gets dug out from the dug-out of his team!!! Surprising, isn’t it? In a country where Prison officers shake hands with an inmate like Sanjay Dutt on his release, the Deputy Commissioner of a district in the state of Gujrat touches the feet of the Chief Minister, it seems highly […]

Hooligans in power

Shiv Sainiks are a bunch of hooligans. I don’t wanna even waste more of my precious words on them. If you’re reading this, come kill me!! Google News : Stories relating to Shiv Sena. Nothing but uncivilized behaviour. Tweet

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to everyone! Stay safe and have fun! Enjoy Diwali. Have fun!! And fuck you Airtel (Mobile network)!!! I can’t send text messages to anybody since the last few days. Either they fail or they stay pending. What the fuck!!! This problem is creating a lot of misunderstandings in my life!!!! Tweet

Time to revive…

I believe its time to revive The Melting Pot. Just a few more days… just till 7th… I got my exams till then. The dormant volcano will erupt once again. Tweet

I am confused…

When I behave normally, people say I’m not serious. When I’m serious, people still think I’m kiddin’ around. WTF!!!??!!! The world doesn’t like me or what?! Tweet

I still remember

Well this post is for all my friends… online… offline… anywhere and everywhere. If I don’t comment on your blogs, if I don’t text you, if I don’t forward you silly emails… doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you. I still remember… I remember you all. Thanks for being there with me!! Tweet

Check this out

What a funny sentence!! And in case you’re wondering where some posts and coments went… well my hosts lost their database and yours truly, Mr. Lazy (Smile Abhit, smile!!) didn’t have a backup. Kill me!!! Tweet

Tandem Felix is Spanergys

Since I somewhat lost interest in my own forum so I’ve handed it over to Khanna. Its up with the old look but a new address. won’t take you anywhere. The new address is Its gonna be up with the new logo and hopefully a new look soon. The whole databse has been […]

Tera kya jaata hai…?!

Khanna said something wonderful today Koi tere se baat karke khush hota hai… to tera kya jaata hai?! This is in context to someone feeling happy talking to you. Well said bro!! Tweet

Manmohan Singh invites hotties home!

Now here’s a hilarious piece of news… Security Breach at the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Residence. Yes, two hotties along with a gay looking bloke entered the Prime Minister’s residence, 7 RCR (Race Course Road). They drove up to the main gate in a black Sonata which bore the registration number “DL4C V 0006“. The […]