Monthly Archives: March 2006

Fool’s Day…

April 1st is near. Get ready to play pranks on your friends. Here’s something I had done sometime back. It was not April 1st then. But I was getting bored & wanted to have some fun. OVERVIEW: Charanjeet likes Amit Pantri. Rahul Sarin (ME) emails Charanjeet n starts talking all crap. Read on!! Tweet

Wild Ride!

Well 2005 was mainly a BAD & a SAD year for me. Nothing went as planned. I know life is uncertain but everything was topsy-turvy. The year started with me joining new tuitions for class XIIth. Everything was going smooth, I was actually going to the tuitions unlike 2004 in which I used to sleep […]


The Navratras start tomorrow. Man… ! I need to go today itself & have chicken. Tweet

I’m rich…!

Well… I just have 14 bucks with me today… so I’m not all that rich. But some people think differently. They tell me that I can actually make thousands of dollars if I mail ‘em back. One person even said that my relative, “Macro Sarin” died & that I was going to inherit his wealth. […]

Luv Guru

Khanna came today… wanted some advice regarding his latest crush, Rehet. As usual, whatever I say about girls makes a lot of sense. The sad part is I haven’t been able to find a girl for myself. My advice almost always works. Yehi to dukh hai… sukh baant raha hoon, par khud dukhi hoon! Just […]

Mother Nature…

Just saw a new cutie in my sector! Maroed a lil’ gedas of her while she was standing in her balcony. Came back. The weather is just mid blowing. Thandi hawa. My garden chairs got blown away , the winds were quite strong. Listening to RHTDM – Zara Zara…. Divine…. perfect in this weather!! Tweet

Just one sip

Just one sip… just one!! My throat is parched… I don’t want water. I want Pepsi… please… please!! I’ll do anything… anything…! Just one sip! OK, just heard this on television – Lata Mangeshkar is threatning to leave Mumbai cuz the Administration is constructing a flyover on the road in front of her house. One […]


Its been a very boring day… Had to give a 540 marks test… yes 540 marks! Fuck… it was tough! My head is hurting bad… Rang De Basanti DVD is what I’m downloading right now. Tandem Felix is just buzzing with activity today… thx RC. The Melting Pot is well…. dead today. I might post […]


Well shaving isn’t that easy! This was the 3rd time I had a reasonable growth on my face. This time I had the maximum growth. The previous two times, I had gone to the barber for a shave. Before that, last year & even this year, I used to shave it off myself bcoz the […]

Nightingale of India.

Lata Mangeshkar. She sings well. She sings beautifully. Everybody likes her. But not me… until today. I had only heard the songs she had sung in movies like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun etc. Had heard old songs too but couldn’t recognize her voice in them. I used to hate her voice… piercing through my ears…! […]