Monthly Archives: April 2006


OK AIEEE is over. It was OK. I did a pretty decent job. But with so many assholes appearing for the same exam even your best effort is not enough. Anyways, I’m sick and tired and telling everyone how the paper was . Currently listening to Dil Se – Dil Se. LOVELY!!!! Tweet

My Desktop

My LCD, the Samsung SyncMaster 740n, with a max resolution of 1280×1024. OK, its not a pic of my monitor but a screenshot of my desktop which looks stunning with an Elisha Cuthbert wallpaper!!! Wo0o0o0W!! Clean, uncluttered and oh so sexy!! Though my Dad is always like, “Rahul, where do you get such ugly wallpapers […]


Well that’s how I like to pronounce AIEEE… ayeee!! It hurts to study so mcuh!! The problem with me is my retention power. All that I studied throughout this month, I’m starting to forget. So instead of doing more and more MCQs like the other kids, I’m again going through the chapters. Lets see what […]

Protests in Nepal

Here is a site by the people of people with photos, news and reactions. Check it out. Tweet

When God closes one door does he really open another one?

Well, this is in context to a family friend of ours. Their son, Gaurav. Smart, smooth talker, great sense of humour, lovely personality – basically everything you could ask for in a guy. But does the guy have it all? OK, he’s a little on the shorter side ! But there’s more. When he was […]

Osama Bin Laden

Came across this thread on a forum. People are discussing OBL. I can’t believe that there are so many fools who actually support him and keep calling non-muslims kafirs. Damn… its just people like them who bring a bad name to the whole community. I’m happy being a kafir!! Tweet


I finally saw the movie, two years after it was released on HBO yesterday ! But seriously, every minute was worth it. The acting, cinematography everything aws perfect. I didn’t want to leave my seat for a minute even though the fucking mosquitoes were biting me here, there & everywhere! Brad Pitt (Achilles) and Eric […]

Weird Village!

A weird hamlet. The residents are weird and so are its traditions. Click here to learn more Tweet

Girls – Sweet, Smooth talkers!

Was sitting with Khanna in his car outside my house. Suddenly, his cell rang. “Avneet Calling”. Avneet – Khanna’s one time crush and now his very good “saheli” (that’s how I refer to her) ! Khanna picked up the phone. The usual, Hi, what’s up n all. I asked him to switch on the loudspeaker […]

Jessica Alba

She is just so fucking cute!! Stylish, sexy, naughty, cute… all rolled into one. And that too without make-up Please be mine! Tweet