Monthly Archives: July 2006

I’ve gone bonkers!

Now just like… just like that… I thought that since it was a Monday tomorrow, it would be August 1st. I know its stupid but thats the way it is!! I would’ve gone to college thinking it is the first day making a complete fool of myself. Thanks Dad ! Tweet

How to blog in your mother tongue

The answer is Unicode. I’ll leave you with two links which will help you setup your computer two browse and write in Hindi Why can’t I see the Hindi section? Cannot see Hindi Apna Blog Information Regrading Gurmukhi Unicode Fonts – Use some comon sense and the same information will help you with any language. […]

Lets see if this works

राहुल सरीन एक बहुत ही बढ़िया इंसान है। OK… so I can type and blog in Hindi now. Cool! I am currently in the process of finding an easy way to blog in Punjabi too. Update : OK found a way to type Punjabi too using unicode. ਅਪਣਾ ਪੰਜਾਬ I just hope my Punjabi spellings […]

Manmohan Singh invites hotties home!

Now here’s a hilarious piece of news… Security Breach at the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Residence. Yes, two hotties along with a gay looking bloke entered the Prime Minister’s residence, 7 RCR (Race Course Road). They drove up to the main gate in a black Sonata which bore the registration number “DL4C V 0006“. The […]

Change of opinion

I’ve never found Kareena Kapoor that sexy. She looked sexy in K3G cuz. . . well she had some banging assests at that time (I’m being frank here). I found her sweet lookin’ and chic in Yuva. But these days the promos of Omkara are on air. Most people would call Bipasha the hottie but […]

Late reaction

I was just listening to a couple of old songs from the time when I was 10 or 12 years old. But this time around they weren’t just a mix of good voices and beats. . . they actually made a lot of sense. Although I knew the lyrics, it seems as if I just […]

Its raining. . . Finally!

Its raining. . . Yes, it is. There exists a God. I was actually sick of sleeping in the AC. Now the windows and the door to the backyard in my room are open. Its heavenly. . . bloody pleasant. Tweet

Defeating the block

I think most of you know about the Indian Govt.’s blog block. Blogspot, Typepad and Geocities have been totally blocked. Even I have been affected because the original Uthfull is hosted on Geocities. OK… I don’t visit or update that site anymore but still I don’t want it to be blocked because of the Indian […]

Does time really heal ?

Time heals everything… Does it? Is it true that as life moves on, so do we? Do we ever let go of our past and look forward to the future? I say no. We never let go. We always cling to our past, keeping it close to our hearts. Very few people actually plan for […]

I’m back…

Hey there… long time no see!!! OK… I was down for a while but I’m back. Promise… I’ve made it a point to write everyday from now on. I’m back with my ugly face… lazy, tensed, sleepy and clueless as ever !! Tweet