Monthly Archives: August 2006

Tera kya jaata hai…?!

Khanna said something wonderful today Koi tere se baat karke khush hota hai… to tera kya jaata hai?! This is in context to someone feeling happy talking to you. Well said bro!! Tweet

Something is bothering me…

I dunno what but something is seriously bothering me. If I sit alone, I feel sad. There’s a slight urge to cry for no reason. Stupid of me… I know. But its been there for the last few days.   And I’m so tired. Slept for like 3 hours at night and went to college. […]

Need to be more careful…

I must not get attached to people. In the end they misunderstand and hurt. I must not turn into a sentimental fool. In the end it is I who will suffer. Fuck the world… I give a damn. Life… stop hurting me… I’ve reached my saturation point. Spare me and find another victim… or just […]

I’m so fuckin dead…

Now I need to submit 4 ED sheets tomorrow. I haven’t completed even a single one. I am so so so tired today. Last night I slept at 2.30 AM chatting and trying to complete some of the pending work. Woke up at 6.30 AM. Lord… take me away… I want out…! Side-Effects : I have […]

Rahul spoils the fun…

Its 18th of August, 2006. Rahul is coolly sitting on his PC cleaning up the Google Desktop Index. Suddenly he looks at his cellhpone. Along with the usual mesages from Laddi, Abhit etc. there’s another message from an unkown number which simply says “Hi”. Fuck the third person now… Now I replied with a normal message […]

“Low Rise” trouble…

So we bunked our final lecture (Chemistry) because its too much of a torture. I can’t understand what the stupid woman says. So it was better to leave. We decided to play basketball. Now most of the guys who bunked along with me didn’t know how to play basketball except for Rajbeer. After waiting for […]

Do I look like an Alien ??

Do I?? I mean, whenever I enter a temple, whenever, everyone starts looking at me!! Why?? I hardly go to the temple and whenever I go, those pundits and behanjis look at me if I’m some outsider!!! Maybe next time when I go there, I’ll oil my hair and wear a kurta-pyjama. Tweet

Star News is obsessed with Bipasha

If channels like Star News continue to run, then the Television deserves to be called the Idiot Box. I mean… what the fuck!!?? In the evening, they had a special feature on “Bipasha in Bikini” (Bipasha in the promos of Dhoom2 and how the promos have made their way to the masala websites on the […]


Well I just heard this awesome track. Excellent vocals, hilarious lyrics and catchy music. Now this isn’t for the one’s who hate the desi abuses and prefer the F word. Gaand Mein Danda or GMD has been sung by the band bodhiTree. The members of the band are students of XLRI Jamshedpur. See… even intelligent […]

Simply hilarious!!

Watching Haseena Maan Jayegi and I must say its one of the best comedy movies ever made! Tweet