Monthly Archives: November 2006

D(h)oom-ed 2

And I thought Shadi Se Pehle and Zindagi Rocks were stupid movies…!! This flick, Dhoom 2, is one shitty flick. I’m so exhausted after watching this that I can’t even think what to write about it. Fake stunts, fake characters, super fake story… I mean, what were they thinking when they made this movie?! The […]


I am lying on my bed at the moment. . . Thinking. . . Why, why can’t I get angry at some people. Somebody asked me this question. But the thing is, when you know, you are aware of the fact that what the other person said or did, she didn’t mean it. I get […]

Imran Khan on George W Bush

This is what Imran Khan had to say about Bush on “India Questions Imran Khan” on NDTV 24×7. Pranoy Roy: So are you calling Bush a terrorist? Imran Khan: Bush is controlled by fanatics. Bush is not bright enough to be a terrorist. Tweet

Abhit apologizes…

I was in demand yesterday!! Khanna messaged me and told me that he wanted to see me as soon as I got down from my college bus. A little later, Abhit messaged me and told me that he was coming over to my place, around the same Khanna wanted to see me, as he wanted […]

My college on a sunny day

You’ve already seen My college on a rainy day. Now I present to you, My college on a bright sunny day… with a lil clouds scattered here and there… Tweet

Blaoted ego!

So after a nice Squirrel-ly day, it was time for college on Moday, November 13th, again. As usual, I woke up late and Tina was pissed. She refused to drop me at my bus stop and as it happens with many people, sometimes, my bloated ego comes in the way, and it did that day. […]

Squirrel-ly day…

Last Sunday, i.e. the 12th of November, I went to meet Sonia a.k.a Squirrel a.k.a Tiny in sector 17. She was a lil upset and so was I. It was the perfect time to meet . As soon as she reached, we headed over to Hot Millions where we bought two cups of coffee. We […]

Enchanté 2006

Here are some pictures I clicked before and after the feté… Tweet

Artists in the sky…

I’ve always been amazed by the smoke trails jets leave behind when they fly. It looks amazing… like someone drawing a painting on a HUGE canvas… Here are two pictures I clicked… Friday, November 10, 2006 at Bhavan Vidyalaya. This was when the Indian Express journalist had come to click our photograph. Wednesday, November 15, […]

Orkut + Google Talk

Seems Google has integrated their lightweight chat application with their hugely popular social networking website Orkut. Google Talk now lets you send and receive notifications of new scraps from within the application. Find out right away when you get new scraps. Easily send scraps, share files, call, chat, and more. Chat, call, and instantly receive […]