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So I took Niharika’s advice !! Can’t say it was great but it wasn’t bad either!!! Cheers!! Tweet


Who does not want to be perfect in life? Everybody tries and hides their imperfections and flaws. They believe if they seem and behave perfectly, they’ll better adjust in the society. But this is a very big misconception in my opinion. The beauty does not just lie in the perfection, its the flaws that enhance […]

. . . Many more to come!

Hey sweetheart. . . Happy Birthday! Who knew, one day you’ll become an inseperable part of my life. . . I’ll cherish that day and your birthday forever. . . Because had you not existed, my life would’ve never been complete. Here’s wishing you many more such birthdays and many more years of our togetherness. […]

Uncertain life

So its been a very long week for me. . . My result came out. . . And for the 1st time in my life, I’m shocked and depressed. The papers were attempted perfectly. . . I don’t where I went wrong. Now its into the deep studying mode because before the re-evalaution result is […]