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Ekta Kapoor is a sick twisted bitch!

I was flipping through the channels while eating dinner tonight when I suddenly noticed Aarushi Talwar’s photograph with people sitting around her body. I looked at the logo of the channel and saw that it was Star Plus. Then I realised what twisted shit was being aired. It was that stupid soap meant for dumb […]

I’m missing you…

… a lot … Tweet

Yuvraj Singh to be chief guest at Euro 2008

Just read it on the NDTV ticker. The vice-captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Yuvraj Singh, has been invited to Sunday’s Euro 2008 match between Switzerland and Portugal to present the man-of-the-match award. Great news for Yuvraj! He seems to be going places these days. He captained his side well in the IPL and now he gets invited to one of the most […]

Facebook headed for Indian shores!

Yesterday, I voiced my concern regarding the website which appeared a little suspicious to me. I contacted the folks over at Facebook and got a response from them today. Here’s what they had to say : Hi Rahul, We appreciate your concern. “” is a secure Facebook login page. Please let us know if […]

Is a scam?

I use AirTel as my ISP. Sometimes, I forget to add the domain suffix and prefix and just simply enter the name of the website. The AirTel DNS is intelligent and redirects me to the required website. But something unusual happened today. I keyed in “facebook” in the address bar of my Opera browser and hit […]

Now Maharashtra govt. proves its uselessness

Here’s another article about the dimwits that are in power. My last post was about the government in the state of Uttar Pradesh but here’s some news from their worthy rivals residing in Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government is planning on turning Mumbai into New York. And how eactly do they plan on doing that? Well, […]

20 Lakh Uttar Pradesh students flunked this year!

Yes, you read right! The results of the Class 10th and 12th examinations were declared recently. Every state government is bragging about how the quality of education has improved under their rule. But why is the chief minister of Utta Pradesh, Ms. Mayawati Naina Kumari so quiet? You can usually see her on the television, […]

Google Maps fun!

So, during my exams, when I really didn’t want to study, I hopped on over to wikimapia. I located my house and my college. The images are pretty dated. I guess the next update would set things straight because lots of things are currently missing. My house My College Kinda freaks me out you know. […]