Monthly Archives: August 2008

Where is the love Indians?

I find it rather amusing or should I say disturbing, that the Supreme Court of India, intervened an overturned an order of a Delhi HC Tribunal and placed a ban on The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Mind you, I am no supporter of SIMI and do not condone their activities. According to the […]

iPhone in India on Aug 22; no subsidies

From what I saw on Zee Business, the iPhone is to be launched in India by Airtel on the 22nd of August. They also telecast a telephonic interview with some president of Airtel who confirmed that there would be no subsidy on the iPhone. That final statement alone is a deal breaker for me. 3G […]

New contender for shortest email address!!

Closely on the heals of, which is the official site for Apple’s MobileMe service, Web18, a venture of Network18 has launched was rumoured to be bought by Web18 for a sum of 2 crores, which is equal to 20 million. I happened to see the advertisement for on which is another […]