Monthly Archives: December 2008


“What’s the point in going to Goa when our parents would keep worrying?” That is what my sister tells me was told to her by her friend and colleague when he last spoke to her last, informing her about the trip they had planned for Christmas and New Year. Sadly, he along with two more […]

Intelligent views from across the border

Ever since the Mumbai terror attacks happened, I’ve been hearing only lame excuses from anyone and everyone across the border. Constant denials, accusations that the terrorists were hindus and outrageous comments by the Pakistani media. There was not a single moment when I felt that we should not bomb their asses off the face of […]

How to eliminate that wannabe!

I know I’m being a bit harsh here, but the previous post just nudged me on to write some more. Who is a wannabe? Wikipedia tells me that: A Wannabe (pronounced “Won-ah-bee”) is a person who imitates or emulates another You ask me, how is that a crime? People emulate others and that is how […]

How to stay happy when with strangers

I won’t be teaching you something new or radical. It is just an explanation of what I did to stay happy when I was surrounded by strangers. Strangers here does not just refer to unknown people but also people with absurd thought processes which you cannot seem to relate to no matter how hard you […]