Monthly Archives: March 2011

SPACE, reloaded!

What happened today deserves a special mention on the blog. a senior’s birthday followed the usual chaos routine with him getting bashed and the hostel reverberating with noise. A classmate, with her room on the lowest girls’ floor updated her Facebook status complaining about the same. What followed was mayhem – 1043 comments by a […]

The Pain of Today

There are times and there are instances, which force you to think and make you experience and exhibit emotions not previously shown by you. Today, was one such day. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought this would happen. But it did and happened to someone very dear to me. It is heartbreaking to […]


10 odd days. In these last 10 days, I’ve seen people back stabbing their best friends; I’ve seen 30-something olds trying to divide people; I’ve seen people close to me go around bad mouthing me behind my back; I’ve seen hypocrisy; I’ve seen shameless personal ambitions cloud a person’s thought process – I saw a […]