Back to the good ol’ days!

I’m back…
Yes I’m back to sitting for long hours on my PC once again. Back after six months or so. Because my Dad wouldn’t let me sit in front of my baby at night as he wanted me to study.

Crappy exams almost ruined my life. There’s only a week’s break in between. Have to get back to those books cause I still have two more exams to go.

And just now a cockroach or a lizard crawled up my foot. Don’t know what it was cause I’m sitting in a dark, hot, humid corner of the house. Such things really creep you out. Specially when its night time and barely two people are in the house.

Now these creepy crawlies have freaked me out. I’m going to my Air-Conditioned room. Yes! Finally those assholes from Hitachi came and serviced my AC.

Its been a great day. I’ve been sitting in front of the computer since 7 in the morning (7AM May 07). The current time is 2.38AM May 08. I did go to have some snacks and meet some friends but the whole day has been spent in front of the computer. I’ve loved it!!

And in case you guys didn’t notice, this post completes my century!! 100 posts. The Melting Pot crossed 50 posts today too.

Thank you for the standing ovation! :P

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