The Day That Should’ve Never Come

Dear DNA Networks, Metallica Band Members and the Crew,

As I lie in bed and watch NDTV newsanchors blame the “rowdy” Gurgaon crowd for “vandalising” the Metallica concert stage and creating “chaos”, I’m only filled with more anger.

I strongly feel that what you got tonight, is less when compared to what you actually deserved. The concert you organized in Gurgaon was a mess from the start to the finish. It started with the open consumption of alcohol, hash and what not at the entrance of the venue. With absence of any real security, it was a free-for-all. The seeds were sown the moment the crowd tried to push itself inside the venue and you made them wait for hours together. A woman could be seen weeping, lying on the floor with a bruised foot.

Once you actually opened the gates, you started frisking people for cigarttes and other banned items. The irony of this whole drama is the fact that while the staff frisking at the gates confiscated the cigarettes, Marlboro had stalls put up inside the concert venue selling overpriced cigarette boxes.

Now, when the 20000+ crowd stormed inside the venue, you suddenly realised the barricades were way too close to the stage. Either you failed to count the number of tickets sold or you really didn’t care about anyone’s security. So, now, you ask one half of the intoxicated to sit on the floor. The other half, is asked to move back. By this time, due to the wait outside the venue, the enthusiasm all combined with intoxicants, the crowds refuse to budge. There isn’t any security staff equipped to handle the situation. Whatever security staff is present, is busy talking to the ladies in the crowd and handing them soda cans and water bottles.

This is the time when a firang guy, I’m presuming a member of the Metallica crew, dressed in a grey t-shirt snatches the microphone and starts to speak – “You guys better fuckin’ listen to me! Move back you buttheads! Move back!”
Alright. This was unexpected. And as expected, the crowd is furious. Repeated attempts by the firang crew members now go in vain. The Indian organizers, now took the stage and addressed the crowd as “Bhai log, piche ho jao. Show nahin shuru karenge varna”. Another guy jumps in from behind and shouts, “Jai Bajrang Bali!”. The crowd claps, hoots and mocks the organizers. A serious situation turned into a joke.

Finally, after an hour, the crowd did show support and moved back. The organizers quickly got to “fixing” their barricades. All this while, the crowd just sits on the floor. I believe we were there to listen to heavy metal and not attend a satsang.

So, let me sum up the things till this point – the crew has insulted the Indian fans, probably because of some “third-world” bias which makes them feel that Indians don’t understand what metal is and you can treat them like shit and get away with it.

The wait continues. Again, I presume, this was allowed so that Fast Trax could sell shitty burgers for Rs. 80 and small cold drinks for Rs. 50. During this time, young Indian guys conveniently move guitars and drums away from the stage. The crowd still doesn’t know shit.

Another big concern is the fact that mobile networks simply ceased to operate. Once again, I’m assuming this was a targeted move to contain the negative PR (I know, I’m getting too much into conspiracies here).

Some people randomly walk on the stage, gesture towards the crowd and then walk off. It’s now around 6.30PM. I move out from the group of people next to the stage towards the far end of the venue. There are literally hundreds like me, lying on the floor, frustrated with the experience and still hoping for Metallica to come perform on stage. Suddenly, the guy in the grey t-shirt is back. “I have an important announcement to make. Metallica is at the hotel, holding a press conference with the national television channels. Due to technical difficulties, the concert will now be held tomorrow”. He quickly hands over the mic to an Indian guy while the crowd went hysterical. All that could be seen was a sea of middle fingers. The crowds start shouting. Someone throws a bottle on stage. The firangs run. The Indian guy threatens that “we’ve waited 30 years for Metallica to come to India, if you continue this behaviour, they will not perform tomorrow as well”. This final threat was the trigger. It set off the bomb which Metallica, the organizers and the crew themselves very carefully built due to their own lack of respect for the audience and shoddy management skills.

There are now literally dozens of bottles flying on the stage. Someone, even more frustrated, throws a 20 litre water dispenser, prompting many others to do the same. All this while, an organizer is still trying to pacify the crowd. Too little, too late. The barricades, which never really existed, are brought down and a dozen men are now on stage. The gathering on the stage swells and all hell breaks loose. Equipment is thrown around, speakers are tossed and the stage is torn apart. The security guys run away. The police, present in small numbers outside the venue do nothing. Its a mini riot. There are no emergency exits and its at that point my friends and I decide to leave before it got too ugly.

There are females, children, old fans, young fans, anyone and everyone. All of them disappointed.

You on the other hand, dear band members, were sitting in your hotel room, comfortably. You did not have the courtesy to apologise to your fans. Your crew treated the audience like dogs by hurling abuses at them and insulting them. After all of this, you expect the situation to go down well?

Had this been USA, UK or any other nation for that matter, you’d have not dare messed with the audience by way of insults. You would not have organized and participated in a concert that so blatantly compromised on security of everyone and possibly endangered so many lives. If there would’ve been a mistake, you would not have taken the audience for a ride, by making them wait for the entire day and very conveniently shooing them off in the end. You thought, well, this is India, a country filled with stupid, illiterate and downmarket people who really don’t get what were doing. So, let us just do our shit, because in the end, we’ll get away with it. You dissed the crowd, pissed them off with your arrogance and then sat on a time bomb waiting to explode.

The people waited for you for 30 years. You just never had the courtesy to show up. Fuck you.

At the end of the day, I lost 3 grands, lost an entire day to your nonsense and landed myself in a riot.
I’m not even a hardcore heavy metal or Metallica fan. Imagine the level of disappointment to those who are.
I wish someone sues all of you into oblivion.

Yours truly.

Excuse me for faulty grammar, if any. This rant has been written in one single shot without revision.

A follow-up that answers some points of discussion – The Reason Why I’m Angry with Metallica


  • nu paradox wrote:

    I suspect Gigs these days(International or Local) have more to do with consumerism and marketing than actual Music, essentially a lot of ‘spending money’ has to happen somehow.

    Judging by what went on at the Venue, it seems to me that everything else took place other than music. Wether it be confiscating cigarrettes at the gates to sell more inside the venue, to selling overpriced Burgers n Cola, to alcohol sales.. a lotta money must’ve exchanged hands.. It’s almost as if once the money was made, music seemed insignificant, well at least to the organizers. It was capitalistic sodomy for the music fans.

    It’s a disturbing trend, this.. Most corporates see gigs as an opportunity to rake in the moola and couldn’t care less about music!! To them it’s all the same. Be it Dandiya, Christmas Ball, a Falguni Patak gig or a Metallica concert, to them it’s just numbers. 15,000 people at a single venue who are at your mercy, you can sell ém what you want!! All day long!!!

  • Guys,I got seriously dissapointed with whatever went on in Delhi.But somehow I have managed to overcome the blues.
    So far we have had enough of ranting.Now,check out this one.

  • Imagine having someone all over you in an unknown land the minute u set foot there. That’s just what happened to Metallica. They are passionate musicians. Unless they felt threatened, they would not have acted this way. That points finger at the crowd.

  • It’s the organisers have to take the blame for the Delhi fiasco! I’m SICK of hearing people say that the “rowdy Delhi crowd” got the event cancelled – it was NOT the crowd, you idiots, it was the ORGANISERS who messed up on every front including arrangements for security! It’s a plug, yes, but this one spells it out:

  • It’s the organisers have to take the blame for the Delhi fiasco! I’m SICK of hearing people say that the “rowdy Delhi crowd” got the event cancelled – it was NOT the crowd, you idiots, it was the ORGANISERS who messed up on every front including arrangements for security!
    It’s a plug, yes, but this one spells it out:

  • This whole government is a fucking scam. Fucking pieces of shit and bags full of douche.
    Time wasted. Money wasted. Energy wasted. And most importantly emotions wasted.

  • Well at least one positive thing – nobody was raped.

  • DNA gets to walks away with a cool 2 Crores after it will all its bills/refunds/fee…Metallica does get paid its entire show amount…this show was insured for 5 Crores…kewl business i say…

    I was there…NDTV, Hindistan Times, Times of India…so much for journalism…you can’t get the story right…Shame!

    DNA Network, Metallica…why did you make us pay the price of not being able to settle your differences? The backstage technical glitches were nothing by money demands from Metallica that were not addressed…

    some stupid reporter mentioned that it took 3 months for DNA to set the arena and stage…Bull Shit!…I frequent that area a lot, the work really started near Diwali time…and it showed.

  • Nice article. I too have written a blog post regarding this. Please go through it.







    Hahahahahahaha! Yeah, right! Nitin, or whoever you are, you’ve made your DNA affiliations quite clear. Now bugger off.

  • beatrice. you missesd quoting “METALLICA WAS NOT AT FAULT. ORGANISERS AND FANS BOTH.”

    let me add both were at fault. the fans and the organisers.

  • i dont have to tell you this. everyone who was ther can vouch for this.

    yes the organisers were real assholes for not having even the most basic common sense or respect for such a concert. but the fans put the last nail in the coffin. no toilets no food and water overpriced and only few stall no security.


  • The Bangalore concert went well….yipee..The only fuck up was for people with e-tickets who were waiting in the line for nearly 4 hours to redeem there etickets for a real ticket. Otherwise the organisation was o.k.

    Mettalica loved Bangalore and they also said that they will come often to India. Hope thats true for delhi fans who missed out.

  • Dear Rahul Sarin,

    I read both your articles, you are just frustated cause your money was wasted. I know the crowd turned stupid enough to break equipments. but i have realised the kind of shit you’ve just spoken.
    You never grew up listening to metallica, never been to concert, never idolised them, cause you dont know a shit about them. Metal gigs are filled with booze and hash and whatever does not mean its wrong. How do you make a judgement just by tip of the ice berg. I personally go for gigs even month i never do anything like that. All this happens outside your college. Fans waited long enough and i bet your are a Delhi-ites and you wouldn’t come if the gig happened to be in Mumbai. So STFU. You dont anything that is metallica to a metal head. Its the 1st band he listened too. Majorily the people who did was a bunch a drunk wannabes who care no shit if its metallica or mika.

    DNA is to be blamed no proper security, they have brought IM to India they should hae known what to expect. they are not doing it for the first time. I STILL SUPPORT THE HOOLIGANISM. And even metallica should have met the fans atleast. Dani Filth from Cradle of filth commanded the police to stop hitting people or they would not play. If Metallica had to come to stage everything would be solved.

  • I fully understand your anger and agree with all you wrote, except for one point: “Had this been USA, UK or any other nation for that matter, you’d have not dare messed with the audience by way of insults.”

    What makes you say this??

    Why do you think they would dare do this here and not in the UK or the US?!

    Idiots are idiots whether they are addressing crowds in Delhi, London or New York! I think it’s sad that when a foreigner is rude to you, you assume it has something to do with the fact that you are in India or an Indian! You presumably wouldn’t think that if an Indian were rude to you, right? So why foreigners?

    I wasn’t at the event myself, but it sounds like things were bad enough as they were. No need to make things even worse by assuming that being Indian had anything to do with the way disrespectful way they addressed the public. It could lead one to think that India has some sort of inferiority complex.

    • Yeh this guy sounds like a wannebe metalhead. Mettalica is like dream come true for so many people. I even saw 50 year olds in the Bangalore crowd. People like this writer will never understand how it feels.

      There are guys who have sacrificed so manyt things just to see the band.
      there were students in Bangalore who just had the money to buy the ticket. After the concert these students didnt have money to take the taxi or auto at 12 midnight, with Auto guys charging Rs500- 600. I saw guys walking for 10 kms after the show. This is called passion guys. Dont blame thr band. If you love metal so and see some indian metal bands performing in Delhi and hope and pray that mettalica etc comes next time. Thats what I have been doing for last 10 years.

      • We’ve been waiting 15 years, to opportunity come around to see band performing.
        Me and my friends were at New Delhi gig /which we never saw/ now back at home devastated over what happened.
        We’ve sacrificed a lot to get to the show.
        Honor the sacrifice!!!


  • Shivam Gautom (BHAIRAV) wrote:

    The entire thing happened due to lack of management skills. We can neither blame it on the band or the fans. The failure of the gig can solely be credited top the explicit display of irresponsibility by the organizers.

    I was there too, the firang demanding attention through “Listen to me FUCKING BUTTHEADS” instantly made me realize that we are from a third world country and can be bullied and ordered around by anyone with a fair skin. The grey tee guy played a major role in fanning the fire, everybody present there instantly felt it.

    And to top it, we have the aftermath, the regional disputes, Banglore looking down in disdain and accusing the fans and DELHITES of being low-lives.

    • “instantly made me realize that we are from a third world country and can be bullied and ordered around by anyone with a fair skin” – here we go again. See my post above (Oct 31, 12:28)

      • Shivam Gautom (BHAIRAV) wrote:

        How can you comment when you were not present there. You didn’t witness it, we did. You are just assuming and trying to reason with it theoretically.

        I guess, you would better not try to evaluate/estimate leveraging on assumptions .

  • Quite easy ain’t it rahul to fan the ever latent feelings of nationalism to actually mask the hooliganism that is NCR. I agree with you when you say organizers are at fault, but ur using the “exasperated” outburst (at the same people whom you feel should have done more damage) of one crewmember to judge a band i worship. I will not have that, I have stayed in NCR for the last two years what the f##k are you trying to pull by calling those people remotely civil. Maybe its only the organizers fault that the concert got cancelled, the riot being a by-product, but that does not give a miserable low-life hooligan like you to trash or tarnish Metallica. I was at the event in bangalore which was again highly mismanaged, but then people here “listen”, something a guy making a rant doesn’t.

  • @Shivam. I’m assuming this is the case because there is nothing in the words “Listen to me FUCKING BUTTHEADS” to suggest that your nationality or ethinicity had anything to do with his attitude. But if it makes you feel better to assume this was indeed the case, then so be it.

    • I completely agree with Karl. I’ve said this before and I can’t seem to stress enough on how much this irks me- why are we so determined to take everything to such a personal level? If you’re really that self- doubting and insecure, maybe you should just stay in your jingoistic little bubble and not interact with anyone who’s a shade lighter than you, cause who knows, they might bully and order you around?!
      He called you a ‘butthead’ and how exactly is that racist? I’ve heard white people say worse things to other white people at rock concerts but I don’t see them run to their mommies weeping. Maybe it is a lurking inferiority complex in the subconscious. The colour of your skin is not a matter of shame but when it gets too sensitive to such trivialities one has to take note.

  • […] This fan states that a lack of security and mistreatment of the crowd from organisers contributed to a “free for all”, adding that Metallica and the venue owners effectively “dissed the crowd, pissed them off with your arrogance and then sat on a time bomb waiting to explode.” […]

  • And also what are you worrying so much about your money which you will most probably get refunded. Its the passion man for the band and music.

    Back in 2001 when I was in college I travelled to Delhi from Kolkata just to watch GIR. Yes GIR, we didnt have these international acts then. These were all dreams for us, which we could only imagin seeing the posters in our bedrooms.

    Today’s youth in India are lucky that these bands are coming to our shore.

    I just cannot understand your psycology of blaming Mettalica. They are gods man for millions.

    I want to ask you a open question. Will you travel hundreds of kms just to watch a band. I doubt it with our useless ranting. People travel thousands of kms even to watch local Indian bands. This is called passion. 5 of us travelled to Guwahati travelling 24 hours in Train just to watch our Indian version of Mettalica, the band called Brahma from Mumbai in 2002 to IIT Guwahati. For us watching Cranium (the kolkata based metal band), back in 1999 Have this sort of passion for music man then What is Mettalica, even Gods will come to play metal for you in your backyard.

    All the best bro. Hope your journey with Metal music is fulfilling.

  • And also I would want to say that Metal saved me from this daily grind of life. You know how it is, wife, kids, money, security. Man I didnt know before going to the Bangalore concert that would enjoy so much as hadnt been to a metal concert for so long. Man Did I enjoy and let myself loose. Today I have a different confidence in myself. I know life has much more to offer than the daily grind. Metal saved me.

  • Raj kamal wrote:


    i am too tired to write again. so i will just copy-paste what i have written before elsewhere:

    It seems you are paid stooges on the pay-rolls of the DNA PR team….or you might also be gigoloes hustling your ass for the gay DNA bosses…

    Ever heard of terms like mosh-pit, crowd-surfing etc ?
    Ever heard of the Sex pistols, songs like Anarchy in the UK, of punk music, of heavy metal ?
    Ever been at a Rock concert or even seen one on TV ? (btw, they are not aired on channels like Colors and Star Plus)
    Ever heard of Football hooliganism in Britain?
    No show ever gets cancelled this way anywhere outside India…and if they do there would be BLOOD on the streets like it happened in Indonesia or even in some of the more civilized European nations
    The Delhi crowd should be praised for keeping their cool…had it been any other place in India (the gentlemanly Rajnikant-lapping South India included where fans tear apart cinema halls when their hero gets beaten up on screen), the riots and destruction would have been massive….colossal…much larger to what happened yesterday in Delhi

    I suggest you watch live performances of bands like Motorhead, Black sabbath, Judas Priest, AC-DC and Slayer (bands which you probably have never heard of) on youtube. Their sights and sounds will make you piss in your mother’s laps but you’ll get to know what Heavy Metal is all about.

    Violence is to be condemned. But as i have said before, the crowd should have been praised for showing restraint under extreme provocation. This was nothing. ANYWHERE ELSE the violence would have been at a much larger scale if something similar had happened (Bangalore included).

    What the DNA management did was no less than a scam and fraud perpetrated on the people. They tried to cut corners with security as with the sound and other technical equipments which were far too ordinary. Metallica refused to play under those conditions. And the DNA management in a desperate bid to save their face tried to hide behind the hapless crowds by making lame excuses like “violent crowd behavior”.

    Why were they selling tickets even after the show was cancelled? Why were they lying to the fans on the issue of postponement when it was clear that they did not have a permit for the next day and when it was virtually impossible to have two concerts in Delhi and Bangalore on consecutive days ?There are many other disturbing “whys” . Even a laymen can point out the glaring lapses on the part of DNA vis-a-vis arrangement, organizing and security and that the Metallica show was a no-show right from the start. The obvious reason is embezzelment; the organizers having siphoned off the loot tried to cut corners everywhere.

    Because you will definitely refuse to understand this, you are either a naive, gullible fool and one of the reasons why there is so much loot and corruption in India or an employee of DNA trying to cover up for your bosses who are cooling their heels behind bars.

  • This is fucked up!! Metallica, you screwed yourself!! Show some respect u numbskulls, if you didnt wanna perform, why the hell u flew down here?

    • To perform in Bangalore 😛 But seriously, all these “they didn’t wanna perform”, “this was all a fraud” conspiracy theories are tiring everyone. I met the guy who handled the barricade, truss/scaffolding works for the Bangalore concert and he told me that the barricades were designed very very lamely. Big mistake on the part of DNA, but understand that DNA is just a management company, they outsource all the production/security related works to third parties who, in this case, screwed up. Shame on DNA to deal with such low class companies but the band is in no way to blame.

  • the show in bangalore was the best till now. much better than iron maiden what a show fucking pyrotechnics huge screens awesome soundsystem wow fucking energy everywhere

  • except for this lol. good i didn’t carry shit lol

    The Metallica show was awesome. It gave a lot of people what they were waiting for. It even gave some folks new iPhones, MP3 players and laptops. A day later as I write this, the band’s gone, the crowd’s gone, our belongings are gone and all that remain are some horrifying memories of a night that should have been epic.


    Most of the tickets booked on the last few weeks never got delivered to their owners. Instead, they bounced back and each fan was forced to go the venue to collect their passes. The security was so intense at the ticket counter on the day before the event that it took me 3 long hours to get hold of my pass and the queue was all of fifty people long! We thought DNA’s certainly learnt its lesson from the Delhi debacle.

    What happened before the concert:

    Gates open at 4:30 P.M. letting in an ocean of 25000 fans.
    Everyone is frisked at the main entrance, where fans are told that Backpacks are not allowed inside the venue. So, the folks travelling after the concert and others who’ve brought their backpacks to keep their belongings dry in the pouring rain, have no choice but to leave it at the ‘baggage counter’.
    Just like the secret ingredient in Mr. Ping’s noodle soup, The ‘baggage counter’ is NOTHING! There is no baggage counter. The master plan that DNA had cooked up left us fans gaping! They are instructed to leave their bags in an open ground (completely filled with mud), stacked one over the other. Out in the rain. Nothing to keep our belongings safe from the rain OR the muck.
    Left with no other option, fans decide to leave their belongings in the muck counter. Now comes the best part. DNA refuses to give tokens to the owners of the property, thereby escaping from additional responsibility and also destroying any chance of cataloging the items.
    So, all in all, the counter organized for the Metallica fans was an open ground right outside the main entrance. There were no records, no tokens, no security and no protection from the rain.
    And this was the infrastructure setup for fans paying 2750/- per ticket.

    What happened after the concert:

    Having left my backpack at the muck counter and being highly unsure about its safety, me and my friends got out early from the show. What we found at the muck counter was just an awe inspiring scene.
    Bags were strewn around on the ground, trampled over by fans as well as locals.
    What was happening was unclear, but after observing for a few minutes, we noticed some random men checking backpacks looking for heavy ones and waking away with them.
    Worse, little kids were opening the backpacks in situ and pulling out headphones, goggles and iPods out of bags and walking away.
    There was not a single cop stationed at the spot. One security guard was present, taking care of about one thousand bags and dealing with about the same number of exasperated people.

    Now, the folks who went for the show and somehow managed to find their belongings probably already know this much. What happened next was something that only a few unfortunate folks had to experience.

    What happened next:

    Having unsuccessfully searched for our belongings for over 2 hours, about 100 fans realized that their stuff was just not there. We started looking at other possibilities.
    A couple of the fans waiting suddenly saw a guy picking up two backpacks, looking around and walking away with them. They chased him, caught him and brought him to the crowd, introducing him as the solution to our problem.
    Soon, angry fans spotted another guy doing the same, and caught him as well.
    The two gentlemen were turned over to the cops, who started shouting and swearing to the crowd about how they should not have brought their backpacks to the venue.
    The cops roughened up the suspects a bit and took them to the High Grounds police station, without a word to the stranded fans. No information was given about what was to happen to them, if a case would be registered or if our testimonies would be required.
    In the meantime, another fan spots a guy sneaking into an adjacent wedding hall with a backpack. A few people follow him into the hall and find a stash of 15 empty backpacks, all meticulously cleared of their contents.
    This is reported to the cops, who rush to the venue and instruct the hall personnel to lock down the hall from inside. Those of us who could understand Kannada made out the words “Your work’s done, now close the *ing door”, said by a cop to who seemed like the supervisor of the hall.
    Confused fans who now see some hope, start milling up in front of the wedding hall. The next part is the one that made our night.
    Fans run from the venue and those who tried to talk calmly to the higher ranking cops were beaten up more.
    Adding insult to injury, the two suspects who were earlier taken to the police station were brought back and released right in front of the crowd. Unscathed and free to go, they go INTO the wedding hall and lock it again.
    We then went to the high Grounds police station, were we were informed that a complaint could not be lodged as it was ‘late at night’. The cops stated the reason that their superior was not present, and without him, a case could not be registered.

    So there we were, lost in the middle of the night, a few tens of thousands rupees worth of belongings cheaper, having none to go to. DNA denied any responsibility. So did the cops. And to emphasize that point, they beat us up with lathis. Who’s going to return Anuj his laptop, external hard disk and 4 months’ worth of research notes? Who will return the couple from Malaysia their flight tickets, passports and money? What will happen to the iPods and iPhones that went missing? And what of the dozens of passports and ID cards? Frankly, we don’t know.

    DNA will have to pay. So will the cops.

    We will pursue the case with all we have. But well, we don’t know. Spread the word. This could have been you.

    • I read this as well. And redemming the e-ticket into a real ticket was taking too long. There was only 1 counter I think and they were doing some manual shit (like photocopying the ID and taking signatures etc) so were spending 2 minutes for each customer. The line only moved forward 4-5 feet in 4 hours. DNA management is shit. They should never arrange anything of this sort.

      There is big money to be made in this sort of venture. The Karnataka Govt alone got cool 81 Lakhs in terms of taxes as total turnover was more than 8 crores.

      More professional companies should get into this. May be foreign event managing companies will be interested in the future considering the money to be made within 24 hours. 3-4 crores is just clear profit after tax.

      DNA guys made a loss last year bringing in backstreet boys etc and in 2009 the Iron Maiden concert tickets were not sold outside bangalore so only 170000 people had turned up in 2009 for Iron Maiden. DNA may be trying to cut corners in this concert and recoup its losses. It showed in how they handled the whole Delhi and Bangalore situation.

      Even in Bangalore I read that Mettalica was not happy with the arrangement. DNA MD had to intervene and warn Mettalica that they will be left with no choice but to Sue Metalica if they dont perform in Bangalore. So much for Mettalica. Do you think after this sort of treament/warnings/sub quality organisation, Mettalica will think of coming to India in future. I doubt it.

      Spread the words guys, let other aspiring event managing companies get into this rock/metal music scene in India. Indian market is huge and have the money to call band like these every 6 months. It will still be packet with 30000 customers. Am sure 2-3 crores profit overnight will bring in more competitors to DNA.

      And DNA you suck go rot in hell. Piece of shit man. I seriously hope some guys bash DNA executives in public.

    • And also this proves that the event manager of this whole concert just has contacts to be in such a position and not actual skills to manage anything.

      They did mention that no bags were allowed inside. That is why I had only carried one umbrella which I wanted to throw into dustbin before getting into the actual venue. Nevertheless this was a concert for mostly young who do carry backpacks around and also people came from outstations.

      They could have arranged a token system for at least 1000 bags, where they could even make good profit. Sau they could charge Rs100 per token. That way for 1000 bags it would be cool Rs 1 lakh for some guy. Man they could have outsourced this to any small company. Hell I would have looked after the 1000 bags with a makeshift collection (which would cost maximum Rs 20000). Somebody missed out on taking a clear profit of around Rs 80000.00 for 6 hours job and showed the lack of organising skills of the event managers and DNA.

      Fuck you DNA. Dont ever organise anything like this next time, am sure other more efficient companies will come forward and do a better job that you fuckers.

  • Metallica fan wrote:

    “Buttheads” is very mild, almost a term of endearment over here, and “fuckin” -in context- is not to be taken as “abuse.” It’s just an intensifier.

    I saw Metallica in Los Angeles where they performed for several says in a row. At the show before the one I went to the audience tore out the foam cushions in all of the seats and threw them at the stage like frizbees – for no reason really.

    Well, Metallica had to foot the bill for that, and when the foam inserts started to fly at the show I was at; Metallica went off stage, the lights came on, and there was all kinds of abuse and foul language coming at us from event people. Don’t take it too seriously, and don’t think it was a racial thing.

    All that said, they should have fucking showed up and played anyway. This was not a Kenny G concert. See, this is what happens when you write too many ballads and you get older, rich, and soft.

  • Hello India,

    My son,who lives in Mumbai, forwarded your post to me; reason being- I’m an old rock & roller!
    Do not think what you experienced here is something new, this sort of chaos combined with lack of respect for the fans has been going on since the birth of pop! Only recently Prince cancelled a concert in Germany; much to the anger of the fifteen, or so, thousand audience. Concerts have been stopped or cancelled at the very last-second; always with that pathetic excuse-DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS! Which can mean the lead singer has taken too many drugs and is too stoned to sing; or the lead guitarist has had an argument with the drummer and has gone back, sulking, to his luxury suite! What you should not do, is to take these situations as an act of racism, they are purely acts of rock and roll arrogance, and managerial greed; as the recent arrests with regards to the Guragon shows. By the way talking of insults, being told to fuck-off by the band and their crew has been a norm since pop began, in fact it was taken to its extremities by the Sex Pistols!
    No matter what, I hope you will still keep on rocking

  • Dude, I agree with you entirely on every point, except I don’t really see how Metallica is at fault here. I mean Delhi (or NCR whatever) can just CANNOT ORGANIZE any event. It was completely the organizers’ fault and I hope they rot in jail. But more importantly, for us crazy fans out there, what we lost is far more depressing than any of it- we never got to watch Metallica live. we went through all the shit that the organizers planned for us just so that we could see our gods perform. Sadly, that did not happen.
    As for Metallica, they couldn’t have shown up at the venue- god knows what would have happened to them, anywhere in the world- but yes SOMEBODY should have apologised at least. Just the worst day of my life, for which I waited for sooo long.

  • This is fucked up…i’m just glad that it didn’t start a stampede..otherwise people could have crushed…

  • devilzown wrote:

    Bottomline..we all were there to witness a musical concert which happens to be from the Gods of metal ( now anyone can debate that if they wish ) ..what we got ? A circus !! some jokers asking ppl to sit down ,some asking to take a giant step(happnd in moon)back(forgot to ask the ppl who were made to sit down to stand up first!) i still donn undrstnd why “sit” down & this went on from 3:sumthin PM till 6:sumthin PM ..n den we saw young kids ( 7 or 8 of ’em )carrying huge iron rods (trust they were called to get the barricade fix)on their shoulders and trying to find a way to reach the front barricade thru the crowd !!!comeon’!!! how do i know?? we bought the cheapest tickets (last row) and we made way for them so that they can cross the barricade in front of us only to see them struggle trying to move ahead !I wonder if dey ever reached the front doubt d barricade ws neva mended.kudos to the (dis)organisers! Yet again d same joker tuk the microphone for an important announcement and discloses d news n den handedover d microphone to another joker stating ” someone who will make u understand in a better way ” sir,we all understand english!! now dis joker tells the crowd ” the concert is not happening and will happen tommorow ” Plz undrstnd it wud hav neva happnd d next day , wat tuk the organisers 1 yr to arrange permissions/security/etc etc wud hav neva happnd overnite.WHERE WAS THE MUSIC IN THE CONCERT ?? not metallica’s fault , not the crowds fault ! but the love for music suffered..I hope someone bring all this to metallica’s attention and i hope only because of the love of the fans and love for the music they create , they come back to india one more time.

  • Rachit Gupta wrote:

    Hi.. Just came across your post from the TOI website that I came across… posting the same comment here…. Might seem a bit unrelated but somehow it finds resonance with the movie Rockstar’s review written by an author in DNA… He laughs that Indians can never be rockstars and this shambolic treatment of audiences will continue till you find your own set of stars!!!! Promote new bands… encourage the next generation… help them find a way to stardom!!! I just recently heard this song from a new band…. Gupt Rogues or something… its quite good …. heres the link:

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