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The Ghatiya Gaana Blog!

Do you get boners when you hear sucky Hindi songs? Well, not literally but do you derive some sort of pleasure listening to the most atrocious songs ever made? I do. And that’s why I’ve decided to create an entire blog dedicated to the most “ghatiya” songs ever made! I announce to the world, the […]

Oh take me back to the start…

Somebody… anybody… you… Tweet

Instant liking

It’s been long since I heard a song and instantly liked it. Well no more… Suddenly, there arrives a song, who with its brilliant musical arrangement and lyrics caught my mind like never before. The song is waste by Seether. I find myself listening to it all day… and as stated in the previous post, […]

It’s never too late…

I flunked in three exams in the first sem. I cleared all of them. Only one remains which is a mass repeat. Will hopefully clear that exam as well. A lesson that I learnt was that it’s never to late to correct what went wrong. Better than crying and committing suicide. Currently listening to : […]

Telling someone they’re infatuated…

You’re like a dog chasing a car. You’ll never catch it and you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars Tweet


Finally I’m back on the blog. A lot has happened since my last post and even before it but I didn’t get time to write it down. I bought a new phone, a Nokia N73 Music Edition. One beautiful gadget it is. My sister got married. I’ll put up some pictures soon. My college attendance […]

Hi, I’m a fake!

This is what I hear these days when I talk to my peers. Now you must be thinking how in the world is that possible? Does my ear decode the audio frequencies in some different way? No! Don’t you get it, its just the accent. I still haven’t been able to find out from where […]


Well I just heard this awesome track. Excellent vocals, hilarious lyrics and catchy music. Now this isn’t for the one’s who hate the desi abuses and prefer the F word. Gaand Mein Danda or GMD has been sung by the band bodhiTree. The members of the band are students of XLRI Jamshedpur. See… even intelligent […]

Pyaar Karke Pachtaya

Tauba main pyaar karke pachtaya… Phat track! The remix is bloody shitty. No one could’ve sung it better than Labh Janjua although Daler Mehndi could still do a good job too. Peppy music, cool lyrics. . . This is definitely the song of the season!! And yeah, I read somewhere that the lyrics are copied […]

I’m a free bird!

GGSIPU exam was OK. The way the exam was conducted was seriously stupid. Anyways, I won’t go into anymore details. Mum & Dad have left for Delhi today. So…. So that means I’m free to sit on the PC till 4 in the morning!!! I’m free to put on loud…louder…loudest music!!!! I’m free to roam […]